About Us

Is this your current situation?

  • You are getting tired of dating and relationship advice from friends, co-worker and family.
  • You always wonder “What type of credentials and experience” these “Dating Coaches” have.
  • You are starting to notice that all the “Dating Coaches” seem to do is give personal opinions based on the most popular “fad” of the day. (Example: What to text him to get his unconditional Love and immediate response.)
  • You don’t see how they can possibly help you find, nurture and celebrate Love in your Relationship. 
  • You really want to meet that great guy (your SoulMate), your husband, the best dad for your kids, the one who will Love you and stay with you no matter what. 
  • You would really love to have a practical “system”, a  time-tested “framework” that could guide you towards Happiness in your Relationship.

If you answered YES! to any of the above, you are in the right place, and I can help you!

You see, Love and Happiness in any Relationship is not “rocket science”!

What you really need is only 4 Critical Components working together, not a bunch of random advice with no clinical research or supported evidence.

Based on our research, 99.9% of the time, your current relationship will collapse or feel empty if only ONE of the 4 Secrets is not present and healthy.

My name is Richard Henry II Hains, CD, BAp, MSc, MBA, EMBA, MA, CHt. Couples & Relationship Psychotherapist, and author of many Best Sellers on the subject of Relationship Therapy.

It took me 20+ years of Couples and Relationship Psychotherapy experience to create and validate a framework to FIND, NURTURE and CELEBRATE LOVE and HAPPINESS in any Relationship!

This store, The French Love Doctor, has been created solely to support and promote Love and Happiness in your Relationship and within you.

All our products have been individually curated by our Staff to be in complete alignment with our bestseller, The Four Secret Rings of Love and Happiness.

Going beyond our Unique Relationship Framework, we have created a French LifeStyle Collection where will you find carefully hand-picked French Inspired products. These products will most definitely bring the “Madame” [French word for a confident and sensual woman] in you.  “Nothing is more attractive than a woman with class and confidence.”

The Gift of Gratitude is one of Blessing. The ability to bring a smile to a friend or family member is a beautiful gift to give.  Make sure to check our Gifts of Kindness Collection to discover small tokens of love and appreciation to give away!

Finally, remember that every journey to Love and Happiness always starts with being in Love with yourself, FIRST!

We would love hear from you!!!

Please feel free to contact us at Support@FrenchLoveDoctor.com if you have any questions, comments and suggestions for new products.


Richard Henry II Hains, CD, BAp, MSc, MBA, EMBA, MA, CHt. Couples & Relationship Psychotherapist